BPVC Section XI-Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components, Division 2, Requirements for Reliability and Integrity Management (RIM) Programs for Nuclear Power Plants



Number of Pages:151
Product Code(s):300112, 300112

Provides requirements to maintain the nuclear power plant while in operation and to return the plant to service following plant outages. The rules require a mandatory program to evidence adequate safety and manage deterioration and aging effects. The rules also stipulate duties of the Authorized Nuclear Inservice Inspector to verify that the mandatory program has been completed, permitting the plant to return to service in a safe and expeditious manner. Application of this Section begins when the requirements of the construction code have been satisfied.

This Division provides the requirements for the creation of the Reliability and Integrity Management (RIM) Program for advanced nuclear reactor designs. The RIM Program addresses the entire life cycle for all types of nuclear power plants, it requires a combination of monitoring, examination, tests, operation, and maintenance requirements that ensures each Structure, System, and Component (SSC) meets plant risk and reliability goals that are selected for the RIM Program.

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